If anybody here:

  1. Lives in the UK
  2. Knows more than me about electroncs (not a tough requirement)
  3. Speaks Mandarin Chinese
I'd be most grateful for some help.

Maybe if I explain:

I am developing a Yacht racing Instrument Sysytem. It's just about working.

We are using high-viz screens from an outfit from Taiwan called Digiwise

When I tried to add a brightness control (PWM signal from a GPIO pin on a Raspberry Pi 5) the controller and screen blew up.

DigiWise have confirmend that everyting I did appears to be correct.

But their English is not strong. I am restricted to asking questions that are only a few words long and admit to only "Yes/No" answers.

I need to improve the communication in order to have a conversation that figures out what happened.

Nobody is blaming anybody. There is good will on both sides. I only need to ensure the problem is solved.

I believe the engineers in Taiwan speak Mandarin Chinese. I am checking on this.

This is still an amateur project in the R&D stage, but even so I expect to pay for useful help - just not a huge amount.

Don't all rush, LoL.




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Subject: [oshug] Open Source Hardware Camp 2024 CFP — Sat 24/08 & Sun 25/08, Hebden Bridge.

Please find details below of the call for participation for Open Source
Hardware Camp 2024.

Tickets are not on sale yet, but these will be £12/day and this includes
lunch, plus tea/coffee. Those presenting and running workshops will
receive free tickets. Budget accommodation is available at Hebden Bridge
Hostel, which adjoins the venue, and there are plenty of B&Bs, plus a
number of small hotels in the area.

OSHCamp will once again be hosted as part of the Wuthering Bytes
technology festival, which this year is celebrating its 11th
anniversary, with the launch “Festival Day” on Friday 23rd August.
Further details will be made available via the website in due course:


Any questions don't hesitate to get in touch!




   -+-  Open Source Hardware Camp 2024  -+-

This year Open Source Hardware Camp will take place over the weekend of
Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August, at The Birchcliffe Centre,
Birchcliffe Road, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 8DG.

Proposals for talks and workshops for OSHCamp 2024 are invited!

There is no theme and topics may include, for example:

* Open source hardware projects
* Open development practices and principles
* Novel/interesting/fun projects built using open source hardware
* Tools (hardware and software)
* Skills and techniques, e.g. PCB fab, DIY SMT assembly
* Relevant technologies, e.g. SPI/I2C bus programming
* ...something else relevant to the community

If you would like to give a talk on the Saturday and/or run a workshop
on the Sunday, please submit details via the form at:


Any questions can either be sent to myself.

A social event is planned for Saturday evening.

**** Note that the deadline for submitting titles and abstracts is
Tuesday 30th April at 17:00. If you would like to discuss ideas etc.
please get in touch sooner, rather than later. ****

Andrew Back

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